What It Is / What It Is Not

Peace Haka is a modern fusion of ancient practices for well-being and spiritual development practice. There is no set form to this. You develop your Peace Haka to reflect you.

The common elements tend to be:

  • Movement with a focus on the breath
  • Within a compass or medicine wheel
  • Using chant
  • Whilst focusing on life aspects and/or supportive spirit energies

For best results, the practice is undertaken outdoors in nature


What are these life aspects?

life aspects These are the aspects of one's life that are important to us.

An example is a Chinese list for the Feng Shui compass:-

  • Family and health (East)
  • Wealth (South East)
  • Respect (South)
  • Love (South West)
  • Children (West)
  • Supportive helpers (North West)
  • Professional life (North)


What are these spirit energies?

Well, they can be any spirit energy you wish to connect with e.g.:-

  • Divine power(s)
  • Angelic beings
  • Guides and masters
  • Power animals
  • Family ancestors eg grandparents


What it is not

Peace Haka is not a religion.

  • It is non denominational
  • It does not focus on any particular divine being or energies - this is up to you
  • It does not have a form of chant (although we have some favourites we use and share)
  • It does not have any set movements (although we have some forms we use and share)
  • It does not have a set compass or medicine wheel (although we have a form we use and share)